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Reduce labor costs.

Greenzie builds software for autonomous robotic lawn mowers. Our retrofit hardware kit and cloud based software for commercial lawn mowers adds self-driving to your existing equipment: reducing the labor cost for lawn maintenance companies.


Let the robots do the hard part.

Turf mowing is tough work: highly repetitive, back and forth striping, in the sun.


Add autopilot to your lawn mowers.

Robots are good at highly repetitive work in the elements, allowing lawn crew vendors to focus on making lawns look beautiful.

Our software and retrofit kits add robotics to your existing commercial mowers. Add autopilot to your mowers to reduce the labor cost.

Are you a lawn maintenance company?

Are you an operations manager for a lawn maintenance or landscaping company with labor issues?  

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We turn 10 three-person crews into 15 two-person crews.